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An education in hope - The Boston Globe

When a father comes home with nothing, it doesn’t look good.” People made their way along a pool of standing water in the UNHCR refugee camp. Even after minor rains, water settles into pools that cause muddy and difficult conditions on roads. The world’s refugees, asylum-seekers, and internally displaced now number a record 68.5 million people, spread across the globe, but primarily in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Only 1 percent of refugees have access to higher education. Most refugees are children who will spend an average of more than 20 years of their lives trapped in emergency shelter, because of continuing conflicts in their home countries and shrinking opportunities for resettlement in the United States, Australia, or Europe. Except for a handful of onsite university programs, vocational training options, and scholarships for the luckiest and brightest few, who are plucked from camps and transplanted to campuses in Canada and elsewhere, young refugees are mostly aging in place. The UN is aware of the scarcity in educational opportunities for refugees, especially as many become long-term wards of the international agency. In Kakuma, construction just started on a campus with planned computer rooms and lecture halls, where the UN hopes Kenyan and global universities can come together, share resources, and offer programs to the 1,500 students who complete high school there every year. Achayo Loum’s daughter, Julie, stands while parishioners pray at the family’s church in the UNHCR refugee camp. SNHU thinks its online College for America offers a pathway. The degree program is self-paced, offered in English, and costs less because it doesn’t rely on traditional classroom lecturers; students are directed to free online material and instructional videos.

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