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the end user, or internal, e.g. other parties within a same company that depend on a particular service to be delivered to them. Lean management is an alternative formulation of the Toyota production system that is being more commonly used in current management thinking; the main concern of lean management is to consider a production or service process and try to lean it, that is to say to streamline it; waste has to be eliminated, and only necessary tasks have to be performed to achieve the desired outcome -namely customer satisfaction. The aircraft ground handling process, knowingly or unknowingly, is already a very lean process in that significant efficiencies are present, such as the contemporary accomplishment of multiple aircraft servicing tasks at the same time. However, there is always room for improvement indeed continuous improvement is part of lean management and the aircraft ground handling industry per se in an adequate recipient of lean management strategies. In this column we shall identify some opportunities for additionally leaning up the aircraft ground handling process and offer some food for thought to aircraft ground handling managers to implement change management initiatives. What a customer does is to approach a supplier with a request for a product or service with certain specifications, and when an organisation applies lean management, what it does is to look at things backwards and come up with the most efficient way to achieve the desired outcome cutting off any type of waste, says Christopher Laba, a lean management consultant with several years of experience in cargo operations. The crucial word for lean is waste,' everything that an organisation does not need. According to lean management thinking, there are three types of tasks and processes in an industrial or service setting with regard to waste: those which add value to the outcome, those that must be accomplished but do not add value per se and those that are absolutely not necessary and must be eliminated. Passenger handling The handling of passengers at the gate in the terminal area is a service which is normally delivered by aircraft ground handling companies. So far, the most common passenger boarding procedure is to board premium passengers, reduced mobility passengers and parents with infants first and then the rest of the passengers. According to Laba the passenger boarding process can be made a really lean or efficient experience.

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