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Carillion sign The big concern is over the disruption this might cause, given Carillion holds so many government contracts - from building hospitals to managing schools. It also employs about 20,000 people in the UK and has more staff abroad. So how did the company get into such dire straits? Carillion specialises in construction, as well as facilities management and ongoing maintenance. It has worked on big private sector projects such as the Battersea Power station redevelopment and the Anfield Stadium expansion. But it is perhaps best known for being one the largest suppliers of services to the public sector. Image caption Carillion worked on the Battersea Power Station revamp Notably, it holds a contract to build part of the forthcoming HS2 high speed railway line and is the second largest supplier of maintenance services to Network Rail. It also maintains 50,000 homes for the Ministry of Defence, manages nearly 900 schools and manages highways and prisons. Very. Carillion employs 43,000 staff globally, around half of them in the UK where it does most of its business. It also operates in Canada, the Middle East and the Caribbean. online shopping sites list width="250" align="left"/>

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Michelle Brown was recorded making the comment about Chuka Umunna in a telephone conversation with an adviser. She has already accepted her language was "inappropriate" and has apologised. If the committee recommends a sanction - which could range from a reprimand to a suspension - there would be online shopping clothes an assembly vote on it. The cross-party standards of conduct committee is considering a report on the matter written by the Standards Commissioner Sir Roderick Evans. Ms Brown and UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton gave evidence to the committee on Tuesday. If the commissioner has concluded Ms Brown broke the code of conduct governing AMs' behaviour, the committee will then decide whether to recommend she is sanctioned. Ms Brown, a north Wales regional AM, called the Mr Umunna a "coconut" during a conversation in May 2016 with her then senior adviser, Nigel Williams. She was also recorded using an abusive remark about Tristram Hunt, who was then Labour MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central. Mr Williams, who was her senior adviser for 12 months, was sacked by Ms Brown in May 2017.

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