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Following publication of her report, a dispute arose between parliament and the anti-corruption commission over which body should act on it. In the end, the parliament won, citing constitutional provisions. Image caption This new cemetery was established for Sierra Leone's nearly 4,000 Ebola victims But many have criticised its handling of the matter. Only a handful of civil servants have been suspended as a result of the investigations. "There was a bit of a problem in the implementation of our recommendations," says Ms Taylor-Pearce. "We were looking for a situation wherein these monies [would be] refunded, for situations wherein items that were not delivered like ambulances could have been delivered. "I am not aware that anything was done about the misprocurement," she says. Presidential spokesman Abdulai Bayraytay says the revenue authority "has gone into some arrangements with some people [and] they started paying in piecemeal". He says that "when such monies are being paid, it shouldn't be done in secret. They should go public - that way the payment in itself, the naming and shaming, will even serve as a deterrent." Mr Bayraytay said the presidency was "alarmed" by the auditor's report and was confident that those named would eventually be held accountable. Image copyright AFP Image caption Health charity MSF was part of the international response to Ebola in Sierra Leone A local campaign group, the Centre for Accountability and Rule of Law (CARL), says it remains dissatisfied.

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