Watching a loved one transform into a person who is just a shell of him- or herself is very sad. When I remember my mom, I try to remember all of the funny and happy times and discard the tough, hard times. When visiting a memory care facility, Lewis brings twice as many blankets as there are recipients, to ensure that everyone has a choice of color and pattern. Each carries a personalized label where the persons name is inscribed. Lewis and her volunteers kneel or lean in to gently coax some connection from even the most reluctant or seemingly uncommunicative individual. Hugs are frequent. For those mobile enough to approach the Alices Embrace table, its like being treated to a shopping trip. Sometimes when we put them over their shoulders, its a comfort, said Lewis, who was a clothing and textiles major at California State University, Sacramento. You see it in their faces, theyre holding and cuddling their blanket. Even the men love the shawls just as much as the women. Gerald Anderson, 82, a retired UC Davis machinist who has memory issues, picked out a soft brown knit that was draped on his walker. It just appealed to me, said the soft-spoken, smiling Anderson, who was accompanied by his adult daughter. An animated Marge Hilliard, 84, stylish with snow-white hair and drop earrings, vacillated among several shades of pink before settling on a loose-knitted shawl in pure white.

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Power, which surveyed 17,349 new car buyers and lessees for models from 2014-2016 for its latest Autoshopper Study. Among new car buyers who use the Internet to research potential automotive purchases, the proportion who use social media to gather information increased from 16% in 2015 to 22% in 2016, the J.D. Power survey found. Asked which social media sites they consult, 13% of respondents who use the Internet to research cars named YouTube, followed by 7% for DealerRater, an online review site, and 5% for Facebook. By contrast, more than nine out of ten new car buyers visit at least one carmakers site during the research process, while 84% visit dealer sites and 79% third-party sites like Edmunds or Kelley Blue Book. On that note, the average new car shopper visits four manufacturer Web sites, three third-party sites, and three

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dealership sites. Moreover, just because consumers research cars on social media doesnt mean they necessarily trust the information they find there, according to the same study, which found that just 2% of car shoppers who use the Internet to research cars considered social media to be the most useful source of information. J.D. Power vice president for automotive retail Mike Battaglia attributed some of this disparity to the narrower range of uses for social media data: Social media platforms arent as useful as automotive shopping websites for automotive information, but they do serve the needs of consumers for unbiased dealer reviews, affirmations from other vehicle owners, accessing automotive-related videos and exchanging ideas and opinions with friends and family members. Turning to devices, the J.D. Power survey found that 53% of new car buyers who use the Internet to research vehicles do so with mobile devices, with 37% using smartphones compared to 33% for tablets. More people still use desktops to research cars, but this proportion has been declining steadily from 99% in 2012 to 92% today.

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