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Dhani's Slip Dress That Feels (But Doesn't Look) Like a Nightgown Club Monaco Elizabella dress, $229, available at Club Monaco I'm apparently on a long-dress kick these days, the latest of which comes from a recent trip to Club Monaco, during which I was shocked by two things: how much I wanted everything, and how expensive it all was. The Ralph Lauren-owned retailer has significantly elevated its offering, and with better design has come much higher prices. Despite the sticker shock, I couldn't not take home this floral slip dress. It's comfortable, flattering, easy to dress up or down, and looks notably fancier than any '90s-inspired style you might find on the high street right now, thanks to its silk fabric and chic silhouette. There's also something about the weight of the fabric, the cut and the black trim that keeps it from looking like an actual slip or nightgown, even though it's totally as comfortable as one. And as a short person, I'm also pretty fond of the adjustable straps. I'll probably start layering it over T-shirts and turtlenecks as it gets cooler, but I feel a little silly wearing florals in the winter. If the brand decided to make a solid black or grey version of this, though, I'd probably give it even more of my hard-earned money. Sigh.

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